I’ve been thinking about this trip for a little while now. I’ve always enjoyed the trip up to Porcupine Reservoir via the back roads. One could take the paved road most of the way but what fun is that? I called my good friend Denny to see if he was up for a ride, with him being retired I figured he had plenty of time and as it turns out he did and was excited to go. He picked me up about 0900 and we headed towards Liberty to take route 162 once a State Highway designated road but withdrawn in 1992 to give way for a road in San Juan County. Hardly a highway, it’s a dirt road and I hope it stays that way. It’s known by the locals as the Liberty/Avon road. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day. I couldn’t take a trip without scoping out the Geocaches along the way. I wasn’t sure how Denny was going to feel about looking for caches but he was actually pretty excited. ¬†We brought our fishing poles with us because we knew there were fish in the Little Bear River. Indeed there were fish, easily spotted as the water was crystal clear but they just weren’t biting today. Such a gorgeous day, temp was around 70 and not a cloud in the sky.


Porcupine Reservoir




Spawning kokanee salmon




Looking down on Mantua

20140912_114813 20140912_114829


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